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Coaming and Cover Boards South Florida

Coaming and Cover Boards railing

When it comes to teak coaming and cover boards, our expertise is unmatched! We render a durable surface, while adding the traditional teak look to your Sportfish Yacht.

The process starts with choosing the right teak boards, our marine carpenters hand selects the boards for each of our Cover board projects to ensure they are free of splits, cracks, wormholes, or even knots! 

We always provide to our customers with the best-looking teak board on the market.

Cover Boards must be done right from the moment that they are templated to the final stages when they are glued. We make sure to use the proper marine adhesives and take the necessary steps to ensure a proper installation. 

When improperly installed, air pockets can cause cracks, and splits, so properly Clamping/wedging the boards is essential during the installation process.

yacht Coaming and Cover Boards

Whether you need new teak cover boards or a repair, contact us for all your marine Carpentry projects.