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Teak & Holly interior Boat Flooring Florida

Interior Boat flooring is our middle name.

The interior floors on any boat or yacht play such a large role on your comfort whilst on board, that it sometimes maybe overlooked. Although Carpeting maybe a cheap alternative for boat manufacturers it should not be yours. Carpets hold in moisture, dust and allergens which clearly spells out bad idea if you are looking to have a great time on the water. We provide our customers with a range of options to effectively cover all of our their needs and wants while staying on budget. For our Interior boat flooring selection with offer three distinctive products that are nothing short of exceptional. The first of the three is our Amtico Synthetic wood selection. This Product is made to simulate real teak and holly floors (cherry & holly, Mahogany & holly depending on wood species selection) or traditional hardwood floors. It is a low cost alternative but a great choice nonetheless. Our Staffed experts are sure to provide the best craftsmanship possible even when building your subfloors! A lot can be overlooked when deciding to renovate the floors on the interior of your boat or yacht, make sure the company you choose has the experience and equipment to accomplish the task at hand. Do not be fooled by inexperienced tradesman who are just looking to make a sell, interior boat flooring is a serious craft and requires the know how or else serious and costly mistake will be made. We ensure tight perimeters on all of our floors and apply hardwood trimming where applicable to ensure that high end look everyone is after.

Amtico Marine – Wood

interior boat flooring by custom marine carpentry 101 - Amtico Marine - Wood Fort Lauderdale Florida

Developed to meet the needs of customers operating within the stringent fire safety requirements of the International Maritime Organization, Amtico Marine products offer an unrivalled reputation for a esthetics, high performance, design flexibility and easy maintenance. Amtico Marine offers stones, woods and abstract effects. Amtico Marine products meet the fundamental safety requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).



cherry interior boat flooring Fort Lauderdale - Colorways Cherry Florida


W750 FUSE - Fused Birch Fort Lauderdale, FL

Fused Birch

W751 GOLDEN OAK - Custom Marine Carpentry Custom Marine Carpentry, FL


Light cherry interior boat flooring Fort Lauderdale - LIGHT CHERRY colorways Florida


limed grey wood interior boat flooring - LIME GREY WOOD colorways Fort Lauderdale, FL


natural limed wood interior boat flooring - NATURAL LIMED WOOD Fort Lauderdale, FL


spalted beech interior boat flooring - SPALTED BEECH Fort Lauderdale, FL


teak interior boat flooring - TEAK colorways Florida


white maple interior boat flooring - WHITE MAPLE colorways Fort Lauderdale, FL


App Test Roll D - WILD WALNUT colorways Fort Lauderdale, FL


The second product that we are providing for our interior boat flooring selection is Engineered Hard Wood floors. With a wide variety of wood species available ranging from cheery, maple, oak, walnut, ash and several others, we are sure you will find a color/species you will love. Our engineered hardwood floors are unique in the sense that they are manufactured to handle the harsh environment of being hardwood floors on a vessel. These floors start by having a 3/8″ of an inch Marine plywood backing that will provide the support and cushion that our floors need to maintain a leveled, well structured floor that will hold up in the harsh marine environment. These floors come prefinished from factory so no post installation finishing will be required.

And lastly, for our interior boat flooring selection we provide our customers with Real Teak and holly floors. We carefully select all of the Teak and maple wood to ensure that they are rid of all knots and any imperfections. Depending on the application we will determine whether we can pre finish the floors prior to marine teak deck installation fort Lauderdale but in some cases we have finished the floors after the installation process is done.

interior boat flooring for yachts

interior floor for boat cherryinterior boat flooring in fort lauderdale

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