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Custom Yacht Cabinets and Cabinetry Repairs Florida

At Custom Marine Carpentry we take pride in our ability to give our customers exactly what they are looking for when it comes to Custom Carpentry and Cabinetry projects.

We layout and fabricate new cabinets, as well as repairing existing ones, always looking to exceed your expectation, for any custom marine furniture application on your boat or yacht. 

When building custom cabinets, we use only the finest marine construction materials, hand selecting all our veneers and laminates to meet our customer needs and choosing the appropriate wood species to appropriately match the project at hand. 

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Had a severe water leak?
Need an expert to accurately assess the damages? 

Look no further, we’ll be glad to give you our professional advice!

Always keep in mind the cabinets in your boat provide more than just storage space. They create the look, feel and comfort of your yacht ambiance and can even become the centerpiece of your yacht’s salon, galley, or staterooms.

We match the finish work from the existing cabinets to the new cabinet fabrication, guaranteed an exact match throughout the entire project. You’ll not only  be satisfied with the results, but also glad you made the right choice! 

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