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Projects Gallery by Custom Marine Carpentry

Good morning, I hope everyone is having a great day ! And here you have a little sample of our finished projects, if you interested in seeing more or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. We will be glad to properly asses the situation!

Custom Marine Carpentry provide the best quality for all of our services, we will work with you to optimize your timeline and cost.

We offer the following marine Services:
Teak Decking Systems
– Teak Deck Sanding & Repairs
– Teak & Holly interior Boat Flooring
– Amtico Interior Flooring.
Synthetic Teak Decking
– Cover and Coaming boards
– Custom Restorations and Complete Refits.
– Custom New Cabinetry and Cabinetry Repairs
– Plastic Fabrication
– Start board
– Acrylic
– Lexan and Delrin
– Counter Top ( Marble,Granite,Corian)

Custom Marine Carpentry Projects Gallery

55′ Catamaran . Corian Counter Top.

Corian Counter Top in Boat Kitchen by Custom Marine Carpentrylook this Boat Kitchen the Corian Counter Top by Custom Marine Carpentrylook this Counter Top in a Boat Built For Custom Marine CarpentryCorian Counter Top in Boat Kitchen by Custom Marine Carpentry in Fort LauderdaleBoat Counter Top For a Kitchen by Custom Marine Carpentry

90′ Hatteras ” Lady Pamela” Teak Sanding Repairs.

by custom marine carpentry, teak decking Sanding Repair in ft lauderdaleTeak Decking by Custom Marine Carpentry, Teak Sanding RepairMarine Carpentry by Custom Marine Carpentry in Ft Lauderdale. visit our website for moreWe built the best Teak Decking in al Ft LauderdaleTeak Sanding Repair in fort lauderdale by Custom Marine Carpentry

Permateek Synthetic Teak Flooring in Golf Car. 

Marine flooring Built in a Golf Car By custom marine carpentryPermateek marine Flooring built by Custom Marine Carpentry in ft LauderdalePermateek Boat Flooring Built By custom Marine Carpentry in Ft LauderdaleMarine decking Flooring Built by Custom Marine Carpentry in FloridaLook at this Marine flooring built by Custom Marine Caroentry in ft Lauderdale- Florida

78′ Ocean Alexander. New Teak Decking Platform and Steps.

Look this Teak Decking Built by Custom Marine CarpentryLook this beautiful Teak Decking Platform Built for Custom Marine Carpentry78 Ocean Alexander_ New Teak Decking Platform Built By Custom Marine CarpentryTeak Decking Steps by Custom Marine Carpentry, with the best marine carpentry services in all South FloridaTeak Decking Steps Built for Custom Marine Carpentry

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Teak decking and Proper Maintenance.

The Teak Decking serve as being one of the best non slip surfaces available (wet or dry). This aspect, coupled with its natural a esthetic beauty visually, means that just about every yacht over 15 meters has a teak deck.

A well laid teak deck should last at least 20 years minimum. It all comes down to the way it is looked after.

The Teak although it’s a potentially durable material for marine use, the teak used in decking can quickly deteriorate if not cared for correctly, leaving the owner with a significant bill for repair or replacement. Don’t underestimate this; a new teak deck for a 40-foot boat will cost upwards of $20,000 (and it’s a bill that all too frequently comes as an unpleasant surprise to the owner).

Many people use acid to clean their decks. This just exacerbates the problem. Acid washing the deck not only makes the soft pulp of the teak wear off faster, it also breaks down the UV inhibitors of the caulking. The caulking starts to break down under sunlight, leaving sticky black marks on hands, feet and clothes. Another problem with acid washing, aside from the environmental impact is it also affects the bond between the teak and the caulking. When this bond fails, water can travel down to the sub deck. If this happens, and the sub deck is steel or aluminum, you can start to get corrosion problems. This in turn can lead, potentially, to removal of the teak, as this is the only way to rectify the problem. This is why it is so important that the sub deck and the teak are bonded together well, without voids.

Deck Care

  • Teak deck care is simple. Never use a pressure washer, hard brushes or Acid washes. Just a light brush across the grain with a soft soapy brush or a soft scotch pad is sufficient to remove any dirt.
  • Fresh water is the enemy of teak. If you find that during the winter for example, you notice mould or mildew growing, making the teak look dirty, after a wash down (and whilst the deck is still wet) sprinkle salt all over the teak and lightly brush it in. Leave in the sun for a few days or even a week and then wash it off. You will be surprised how clean and white the deck then looks.
  • If you notice persistent wet areas on deck after a wash down, don’t just ignore it, they are a sign of problems. Normally it’s along the seam that a damp area will persist, but upon closer inspection it could be that the rubber bond to the teak has failed and the water is entering and sitting in the split. This water will eventually work its way down to the sub deck. If you have various wet spots like I’ve described, you need call a professional to have a look.
  • Every two years is recommending giving the deck a light sanding.

It’s always a mistake to ignore problems as they pop up, because they can escalate surprisingly quickly until the only option is to replace the entire deck. For a good maintenance in your teak deck the best you can do is call a company with the proper experience to avoid irreversible mistakes on your teak decks

Effective boat flooring maintenance can certainly save you money in both the short and long-term.

New Teak decking fort lauderdale

Call us, We will be glad to properly asses the situation! If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our website.

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Custom Marine Carpentry services in all South Florida

You need to replace your Teak decking flooring? Teak deck repairs? Synthetic teak deck? Interior Boat Flooring?

At Custom Marine Carpentry you have all solutions for all problems in your boat or yacht. Whether it’s Refitting your Vessel or fixing damage that’s been done, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We understand that your yard period is short, and you need a company that will stand by their word as well as their work.We provide the best quality for all of our services, we will work with you to optimize your timeline and cost.

We offer the following Marine Services:

Teak Decking Systems

Teak Deck Sanding & Repairs

 – Teak & Holly interior Boat Flooring

Amtico Interior Flooring.

–  Permateek Synthetic Teak Decking

Cover and Coaming boards

– Custom Restorations and Complete Refits.

Custom New Cabinetry and Cabinetry Repairs.

– Plastic Fabrication –

Start board

-Acrylic, PVC ,Lexan and Delrin.

– Counter Top ( Marble,Granite,Corian).


Looking this beautiful New Teak decking flooring designed, built and installed for Custom Marine Carpentry, we have the best quality,design and excellent carpenters with more than 10 years in the market.

75″  Sunseeker 

Teak Decking, Marine Carpentry, Boat flooring,Yacht CarpentryMarine Carpentry, Teak Decking, Boat Flooring, Custom Marine CarpentryTeak Decking, Boat Flooring, Yacht Carpentry, Marine CarpentryMarine Carpentry,Teak Decking,Boat FlooringMarine Carpentry, Teak Decking, Marine Decking ,Boat flooring in Fort Lauderdale


Call us, We will be glad to properly asses the situation! If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to visit our website.

Website: or Call us : (954) 483-5290

PERMATEEK – The Ultimate Synthetic Teak Decking , the right choice for your Boat or Yacht.

Custom Marine Carpentry offer the best quality on synthetic teak decking (Permateek – The Ultimate Synthetic Decking ) on the market for your boat or yacht.

About PERMATEEK Synthetic teak decking.

Walk around any marina looking at the teak decks and what do you see? Most are deteriorating from the effects of sun, salt water and aging. Keeping a teak deck looking good is hard work, well now at last there is a real alternative!

Permateek is an environmentally friendly composite decking system that offers the qualities and good looks of Teak but without the hassle. Permateek is non slip wet or dry; it is low maintenance and looks like new teak season after season, it’s cost effective, stain resistant and is simple to keep clean. With so many benefits on offer why would you fit anything else?

Hand Crafted

All Permateek decks are hand crafted from individual synthetic teak planks utilising traditional styles and designs. We have striven to achieve what we think is the ultimate in synthetic teak decking. There is a high degree of skill and expertise that goes into each and every process of fabricating a custom made Permateek deck.

We rarely use stock templates as we have found that no two boats are the same, even from the same manufacturer. All projects are individually patterned by hand to ensure a perfect fit. When fabricating deck panels we do not simply glue them together, each seam is individually hand welded to ensure it will not shrink or come apart at the seams. When assembled we spend a great deal of time on each completed panel undertaking our highly guarded secret system of hand finishing, this is one of the reasons why a Permateek deck looks so authentic and does not look like a typical plastic deck.

Many of our satisfied customers have commented that they would have never of considered installing a synthetic deck before they had discovered the convincing appearance of Permateek. When you choose a quality Permateek deck you can be assured that your project will be undertaken by a highly trained Permateek craftsman who is fully conversant in all aspects of synthetic deck making. To this end we have now increased our efforts to open branches and appoint fitters all around the world to expand our service in order to allow more people to enjoy the luxury of a Permateek deck.

Synthetic Teak Decking ,Boat Flooring, Boat Decking

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Proper Yacht Maintenance

A Preemptive person can typically avoid having a mess on their hands by staying on top of the maintenance involved in owning a yacht/boat.  A lot of owners are finding themselves asking the same questions; why am I in this particular predicament? Typically the answer is simple, lack of care and proper management. Being preemptive means having the ability to do something before being asked or told to do so because you know what the negative outcome would be if you don’t take initiative. With that being said it all correlates with the maintenance on your yacht/boat. Having the proper Captain or Manage team looking after your vessel will ensure that your vessel will be ready for whatever trip you may want to venture on because they are on top of your vessel’s maintenance. Weekly wash downs should be common amongst all vessels especially when they are in boatyards. Keeping a clean, tidy ship reflects the personalities of those in charge of the vessel, keep it clean not messy. Same goes for the work being performed. It all reflects back to those in charge.

It’s not just about the simple things such as wash downs, a great leader will make sure to fix things as soon as the problem occurs because they know that prolonging the situation will only make matters worse. Some people maybe have a different opinion but I will assure you on the following things. If a leak is not addressed as soon as signs of it are being noticed, the damages will be much greater 6 months down the road then if action were to be taken right away. Same goes with a faulty GPS unit or a damaged teak plank. Seeping water cans sometimes go unnoticed but is sure to leave its mark wherever it is happening. Taking initiative may sometimes be frowned upon because let’s face it no one wants to receive a bill for anything much less something that some people  will consider it being no so important at the time. What some may overlook is that not only is it benefitting both parties (one is being responsible the other is being well looked after) but problems are being solved which in the long run will save you money.

Power can sometimes be abused just as much a generosity can be taken advantage of. Being active and carefully reviewing invoices, emails along with the work performed will keep things in check. Now days with modern technology being what it is, it is easier than ever. Pictures are a click away; emails take a second to write and are delivered in seconds. You can even have a face to face conversation and have a walkthrough without personally being onboard. Be preemptive. Don’t get taken for a ride, with the proper professional on hand, you can always enjoy your time on the water and rest easy knowing you have the right professionals looking after you.

For tips, referrals or questions concerning our services please feel free to contact us or comment.

Custom Marine Carpentry4

Get to know our finest product; Teak.

Teak ( Tectona grandis ) is the most valued and demanded wood species on Earth. Teak does not Crack easily, does not turns black when it come in contact with metals and has a decorative grain and color. There are many uses for teak but it best known for its use in the nautical world. For centuries, Teak has been the leading wood species in this industry.

Teak is one of the few woods in the world with a natural oil to repel water ultimately preventing rot, cracks or allowing it to turn brittle. Teak is resistant to decay and is a natural substance that repels termites and other insects. Another outstanding characteristic of teak is its durability in extreme climates, Teak is known for holding up very well even in harsh winter conditions and hot summer months.

These enduring properties has made teak the essential wood species for boat manufacturers around the world. There are many uses for teak and very few substitutes. Teak was used to build freighters, cruise ships, luxury yachts, refined boats, dinghies and also great fishing boats. TITANIC’S floors were covered in teak; the wood is as good today as it was on the tragic April 15, 1912 when it sank. Thanks to the natural oil that teak produces which allows it to maintain a low coefficient of expansion and contraction when subjected to excessive heat or moisture.

Teak is a very precious resource. Burma, Thailand, Laos and India are the only four countries in the world with natural teak forests. The forests in Thailand are only a fraction of the size that they once were, which is why since 1982 teak logging has been banned in Thailand. Forests are carefully monitored by their importance in the ecosystem and economy of the nation. Teak is one of the most endangered wood species in the world. Elephants are still used to extract teak because of its low impact on the environment, compared to heavy machinery. Burma (renamed Myanmar) exports 80 % of world teak consumed today. Teak is indigenous to the rainforests. In their natural environment there are only 8 to 10 teak trees per acre. But in Burma teak forests were established in 1856 with a view of the need of this precious tree, to maintain a renewable supply. Tradition says that only the trees that have a 20 inch diameter at the base can be cut and instead in its place a new tree be replanted. Unlike typical logging where trees are cut at the base then transported to a sawmill where they are then processed, teak trees are squeezed at the base then about two or three years pass before they are cut. Thus, as the trees are dried, the timber holds her resin, natural oils, ensuring the longevity and low maintenance. Burma teak seeds were used to initiate plantations in Africa and Central America. And still to this day, the quality and texture is unsurpassed or even comparable to Burma teak. Climatic variations, topography, soil type, elevation, amount of rainfall throughout the seasons, the correct handling and lack of professionals make a big difference in the quality, toughness, texture and color compared to Burma teak.

As a result of the high price of teak many have tried to find a substitute in other woods such as mahogany, cherry or Ipe. While these are very noble woods, there are applications where teak is still irreplaceable. Many have searched for a substitute for teak and have returned to it to prevent the high risk of complaints from customers and also for its beauty and quality. As long as ships are still sailing  the waters of rivers and oceans teak will remain a key element for boat builders world wide. Teak is undoubtedly a gift from nature for the marine industry .

teak deckin,teca,marine carpentry

Teak decking

Yacht Cabinetry Services

Here’s a quick tip for those of you who have undesirable storage spaces and a neat way to clean it up. At Custom Marine Carpentry we were able to make use out of an unwanted dishwasher in a cost effective manner by simply carefully disassembling the interior of the dishwasher, building a custom cabinet with shelving to fit and interlock with the existing through fittings. No damage done to the dishwasher, no messy headache, and most of all more storage space! For more informative tips feel free to call us and have use assess the situation!
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Yacht Cabinetry services.

yacht cabinets , yacht carpentry



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