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Proper Yacht Maintenance

A Preemptive person can typically avoid having a mess on their hands by staying on top of the maintenance involved in owning a yacht/boat.  A lot of owners are finding themselves asking the same questions; why am I in this particular predicament? Typically the answer is simple, lack of care and proper management. Being preemptive means having the ability to do something before being asked or told to do so because you know what the negative outcome would be if you don’t take initiative. With that being said it all correlates with the maintenance on your yacht/boat. Having the proper Captain or Manage team looking after your vessel will ensure that your vessel will be ready for whatever trip you may want to venture on because they are on top of your vessel’s maintenance. Weekly wash downs should be common amongst all vessels especially when they are in boatyards. Keeping a clean, tidy ship reflects the personalities of those in charge of the vessel, keep it clean not messy. Same goes for the work being performed. It all reflects back to those in charge.

It’s not just about the simple things such as wash downs, a great leader will make sure to fix things as soon as the problem occurs because they know that prolonging the situation will only make matters worse. Some people maybe have a different opinion but I will assure you on the following things. If a leak is not addressed as soon as signs of it are being noticed, the damages will be much greater 6 months down the road then if action were to be taken right away. Same goes with a faulty GPS unit or a damaged teak plank. Seeping water cans sometimes go unnoticed but is sure to leave its mark wherever it is happening. Taking initiative may sometimes be frowned upon because let’s face it no one wants to receive a bill for anything much less something that some people  will consider it being no so important at the time. What some may overlook is that not only is it benefitting both parties (one is being responsible the other is being well looked after) but problems are being solved which in the long run will save you money.

Power can sometimes be abused just as much a generosity can be taken advantage of. Being active and carefully reviewing invoices, emails along with the work performed will keep things in check. Now days with modern technology being what it is, it is easier than ever. Pictures are a click away; emails take a second to write and are delivered in seconds. You can even have a face to face conversation and have a walkthrough without personally being onboard. Be preemptive. Don’t get taken for a ride, with the proper professional on hand, you can always enjoy your time on the water and rest easy knowing you have the right professionals looking after you.

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